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Thanks for visiting our website. BodEnvy CoolSculpting Orlando was started by Jim and Helena Kucik of Orlando. The husband and wife team have always been into fitness and outdoor activities.  As they reached midlife and had a Family SC Pic-2child they realized that getting rid of midsection fat bulges became increasingly more difficult.   They realized they weren’t alone and started a body sculpting studio that focuses on helping people feel better about themselves by improving the shape of their body.  Helena said it best, “for many people it’s truly a life changing experience and we love being a part of it!” 

We are the only CoolSculpting provider in Central Florida that focuses exclusively on body sculpting services.  CoolsSculpting is the foundation of our body contouring services. To maximize our patient’s results we have a Lobby Pick - Google link to Bodenvy Coolsculpting Orlandopatented program that includes fat reducing, skin tightening and muscle toning technologies in a regimen that is roughly the same cost of CoolSculpting alone!  Remember that 50 is new 30.  So, I guess were 30!

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What is CoolSculpting?

It’s a body contouring procedure that uses cooling technology to freeze fat.  This FDA cleared procedure eliminates fat cells without plastic surgery. It’s easy and most patients report minimal to no pain.  You can go back to work, the gym or play immediately after the Coolsculpting Orlando procedure.
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Why You Should Choose BodEnvy CoolSculpting

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If your unhappy for any reason we will provide one more CoolSculpting treatment for FREE. See guarantee page.
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BodySculpting Is All We Do

We are experts that only do one thing, body sculpting.  Would you go to a dermatologist for cardiac surgery?
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CoolSonic Plus Program

Our treamtent plans not only reduce fat, but also tighten skin and tone muscle for the same price of CoolSculpting alone.
Jim and Helena have found that most aesthetic practices focus on just targeted fat loss, which works, but they realized the “WOW” factor could be improved.  They decided to take it two steps further to maximize body sculpting results by including skin tightening and muscle toning.  It’s known as the “CoolSonic Plus” body sculpting regimen. It combines the world’s best scientifically proven, non-invasive and FDA cleared body sculpting technologies at a price that others charge for just CoolSculpting.  You will only find “CoolSonic Plus” at BodEnvy. Call Helena today and set-up a no-obligation consultation today. There is no cost and it can change your life! As Helena often says, “my name is behind this and we are going to make sure people love their body.”  Did we mention Jim and Helena offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee?
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* See Financing page, subject to change, must qualify, CoolSculpting Only
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Interested In BodEnvy’s CoolSculpting Cost?

The price for BodEnvy CoolSculpting and body sculpting services vary based on the areas of your body you want improved, how many inches you wish to lose and how fast you wish to reach your goals.   Click here to get your price, CoolSculpting Orlando Cost.  As you will see, our value is unsurpassed in Central Florida.  Call 407NEWBODY today for your free no-obligation consultation.
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Men's CoolSculpting and Body Sculpting

Men Need Body Sculpting Too!

The number of men that are getting body sculpting services in Orlando continues to increase.  In fact, it's become a large part of our CoolSculpting and body sculpting business. For men we offer the "Men's Den."  It's a multi-TV-screen, music, sports and car enthusiasts dream. There is nothing lady like about the Men's Den CoolSculpting.
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