How Important Is Facial Care as You Age?

How Important Is Facial Care as You Age?


When you’re young, the last thing on your mind is facial care or facial rejuvenation. You look in the mirror and think you have decades of beauty before that even becomes an issue. But the people who age the best begin taking care of their skin long before time and gravity become their enemies.

There are many ways you can begin at a young age to take care of your facial skin:

  • Adopting a good daily skincare routine. Buying good quality, nourishing facial care products is best started while you’re young so the habit stays with you as you age. Once you get into a daily skin care routine of washing your face, moisturizing, toning, and nourishing it becomes second nature. Use a skincare routine specifically targeting your skin type: dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin.
  • Using broad-spectrum sunscreen daily. Even if you live in one of the northern states, you can still get sun-damaged skin by the time you’re middle-aged. By applying sunscreen on your face and other exposed areas of your body you can lower the chances of skin cancers later in life.

Even with these good habits, time and gravity will eventually take a toll on your facial skin. As we age, collagen production slows causing fine lines and wrinkles. And in some cases, you may develop dark spots, but these are mostly hereditary but they can pop up if you have not been using sunscreen protection as religiously as you could have.

At this stage of life, many clients look in the mirror and contemplate taking invasive steps to hold back the signs of aging. The most talked-about options are surgical procedures like facelifts, Botox injections, or dermal fillers.

But if you aren’t too thrilled about asking a plastic surgeon to intervene and help you with the most common problem areas around your eyes, mouth, and jawline, there are other non-invasive options.

Facial rejuvenation treatments that don’t involve surgery do exist and they are becoming more popular. Clients wanting skin tightening and smoothing effects can now take advantage of modern technological solutions like TempSure.

TempSure: The Natural Facelift Alternative

The TempSure Envi treatments involve a non-invasive, painless alternative to facelifts. They utilize radiofrequency energy that is deployed deep beneath the skin via a unique type of laser.

These treatments cause micro-damage beneath the skin where elasticity has been lost. As a result of this damage, your body sends in an army of new collagen cells to repair the damage. These collagen cells plump up the wrinkles and lift sagging skin. In short, TempSure causes your body to give itself a facelift.

To clients who want to avoid invasive surgery at all costs, TempSure is a godsend. Your own body working to repair itself naturally is to many the best of all worlds. And it’s quite effective.

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bodenvy, the premier medspa in Orlando, offers TempSure treatments by licensed technicians. To learn more about this natural alternative to invasive surgery to get a youthful appearance, contact us today for a free personal consultation.

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