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Bodenvy's CoolSculpting treatment is designed to freeze away the stubborn fat in your body. See our amazing CoolSculpting before and after pictures.

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Could you be a candidate for CoolSculpting Elite? If you’ve lost weight but struggle with problem areas, bodenvy can help you look and feel your best.

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bodenvy services address a range of frustrating issues that can affect your body image and self-confidence, including stubborn fat, loose skin, and cellulite.

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At Bodenvy, we use a combination of non-invasive body sculpting technologies, such CoolSculpting and CoolTone, to help you achieve your body goals.

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At bodenvy, it’s our mission to transform people’s bodies. Our treatments help them look their best and walk through their lives with confidence.

Commonly Asked Questions

How safe is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is extremely safe for people who we determine are good candidates for treatment. The FDA has approved CoolSculpting as a fat removal procedure. It must be performed by a license technician in a safe, clinical setting.

Unlike surgical fat removal. There is no cutting, bleeding, medications, or strict post-treatment diet to follow. There’s no down time or loss of income from taking time off from work. CoolSculpting uses controlled cooling to kill fat cells and is followed by a warming massage to help your body metabolize the dead fat cells. 

Used alone or in combination with one of our other cutting-edge treatments, CoolSculpting is safe and non-invasive. As of 2018, people worldwide have received over 7 million safe and effective CoolSculpting treatments.

How many CoolSculpting treatments will I need to get?

The number of FDA-approved CoolSculpting treatments you will need will depend upon several factors, including the size of the area being targeted and the number of fat cells in that area. The size and shape of your body are also factors, particularly if you are pursuing a full body sculpting fat removal goal.

During your free, private consultation, we will review your goals, evaluate the suitability of CoolSculpting for you, and create a specific body shaping plan just for you. Your plan will specify the number of treatments required to reach your goal.

There are a few things you should know about our CoolSculpting treatments:

  1. The time involved is minimal. Many of our clients schedule treatments in the morning before work or on their lunch break.
  2. People who are targeting only one problem area usually need a minimal number of treatments. The same is true of people who have already trimmed their bodies with diet and exercise.
  3. Multiple CoolSculpting treatments still take less time and entail fewer risks than a single liposuction or surgery.
  4. You’ll see the full effect of CoolSculpting on treated areas within just a few weeks of your treatment.
  5. Supplemental treatments are available to boost the effects of CoolSculpting and help you achieve your body sculpting goals.

The only way to be more specific about how many treatments are recommended is to come in for a complimentary consultation. An in-person evaluation will help us determine the best course of treatment.

Is CoolSculpting uncomfortable or painful?

CoolSculpting is not painful or uncomfortable. Orlando CoolSculpting patients who are good candidates for treatments are those who have done all they can to lose weight with nutrition and workouts, but still struggle with stubborn fat in problem areas. CoolSculpting is a non-invasive alternative to painful and complicated plastic surgery.

FDA-cleared CoolSculpting isn’t a surgical procedure. Our technicians use CoolSculpting to direct super-cool air onto the target areas, killing the fat cells living there. The most common minor side effects are a tingling like the feeling you get when your foot falls asleep or slight skin sensitivity at the treatment site. The post-treatment massage helps to get blood flowing, so your body can metabolize the dead fat cells.

While there are a few medical conditions that are not compatible with CoolSculpting, most people can benefit from this painless treatment. Many of our clients lie back and text during the treatment. 

Every potential client receives a free consultation to determine if CoolSculpting is right for them. For many people, CoolSculpting is an affordable and painless alternative to surgery.

Can both men and women be CoolSculpted in Orlando?

Both men and women may be candidates for CoolSculpting. Fat cells do not discriminate; they annoy all genders equally -- and CoolSculpting will kill unwanted fat cells in any body. 

Historically women have been more likely to seek our cosmetic and plastic surgery, but it’s become increasingly common for men to seek treatment as well. Both men and women have benefited from this cutting-edge, non-surgical fat removal procedure.

It’s common for men to target different areas of the body than women. For example, many women focus on removing fat from their outer thighs or upper back. Many of the men who come to us want to get rid of excess fat in their abs or vanquish a double chin. Regardless of your problem areas, CoolSculpting can make you feel better about yourself and feel great in and out of clothes.

So no matter your sex or gender, we can help you get the body you want. We assess your problem areas and recommend the type and number of treatments to reach your individual body goals. Come in for a complimentary consultation and we’ll create a treatment plan specifically for you. Men and women are also candidates for CoolTone.

How do I know if CoolSculpting Orlando is right for me?

With so many weight loss and fat loss treatments available, you might be wondering whether CoolSculpting is right for you. 

CoolSculpting is safe for most people. It’s a revolutionary FDA-approved method of removing fat cells from the body, painlessly and with no effort on your part. Millions of people around the world have received CoolSculpting treatments and the before-and-after photographs tell the story. We believe our ecstatic clients when they tell us the CoolSculpting procedure is perfect for everyone. 

It is a non-invasive, non-surgical body sculpting technique that you can have done while texting friends. Just lie back and let our extreme cooling device kill your fat cells for good. Fat removal in the target areas of the body is much easier thanks to the controlled cooling  removing stubborn fat from hard to reach areas like outer thighs, abs, upper back, upper arms, buttocks and under the chin, leading to long-lasting results. After the relaxing treatment, the treated area will become smaller and smaller as the weeks go by as the body metabolizes the dead fat cells. There’s simply no easier method for targeting fat!

While CoolSculpting is suitable for many people, your free consultation is where we’ll determine if you’re a good candidate for treatment.  We serve the greater Orlando area including Winter Park. We’ll recommend a treatment plan specifically for your body goals. We look forward to seeing you soon!

What if I’m too old for CoolSculpting?

The risks of surgery may increase as you age, so it’s natural to wonder whether there’s an age limit for CoolSculpting treatments. The short answer is no! We treat clients as young as 20 and as mature as 80. People of any age can have unwanted fat cells. In fact, we find that our older patients sometimes see the most dramatic results, looking and feeling years younger after treatment.

There are some considerations for older clients. As people age, they lose elasticity in their skin as the body’s production of collagen decreases. Older clients may want to schedule CoolTone firming treatments after CoolSculpting. Our stacked treatments can help to remove fat, tone muscles and tighten skin to give you a more youthful appearance.

No matter your age, CoolSculpting treatments can be used in lieu of plastic or cosmetic surgery. Unlike plastic surgery, which is invasive and painful, CoolSculpting removes fat deposits in targeted areas via extreme cooling. After plastic surgery, there is a down time for healing and sometimes significant discomfort. Fat reduction via body sculpting is a gentler method used on a specific area of the body. Used in conjunction with a sensible diet and exercise plan, it can leave both you and your body feeling years younger.

Our FDA-cleared body contouring sessions targeting fat have minimal side effects. You may feel tingling in the treatment area akin to a body part falling asleep. Our trained technicians massage the treated area, warming it so the body can begin metabolizing the dead fat cells to be flushed out naturally. After a couple of weeks, your outer thighs, abdomen, chin or upper back area will be slimmer. You will experience a renewed confidence, your clothes will fit better, and you’ll love what you see in the mirror.

Make an appointment for a complimentary consultation and personalized treatment plan for CoolSculpting and CoolTone. We’ll show you how we can improve your body confidence, whatever your age may be.

Can CoolSculpting get me back in my jeans post-pregnancy?

We can certainly help...a lot! Many of our clients are new moms wanting to get their pre-pregnancy figures back. Every pregnant woman gains weight and many new moms consider plastic surgery because they’re too busy to work out regularly -- and too tired as well thanks to all those late-night feedings! Losing fat after a pregnancy can be particularly difficult thanks to hormonal changes.

With CoolSculpting, you can relax and even take a nap while our technician gets rid of the fat cells that keep you from feeling great in your skinny jeans. The most common post-pregnancy areas for treatment are the outer thighs, upper arms, and upper back, as well as the abdomen. 

The FDA-cleared CoolSculpting procedure for fat removal is here and is a safe and effective body contouring method for new moms.

A treatment plan is easy and at bodenvy, we offer a complimentary consultation. We take an honest look at your body and prepare a CoolSculpting or CoolTone regimen specifically for your body and your goals. 

You’ll be back in those skinny jeans in no time, with your confidence restored. So cheer up, new moms! Help is here!

Who is a good candidate for CoolSculpting Orlando?

CoolSculpting is a revolutionary, FDA-cleared procedure for removing stubborn fat cells in problem areas. The ideal candidate is someone who sticks to a diet and exercise regimen but still has areas where fat deposits are resistant. 

CoolSculpting is not ideal for people who are obese. It is not a substitute for a healthy diet or regular exercise. Rather, it is a treatment that can help people reshape their bodies after weight loss by targeting fat deposits in areas that are difficult to target. CoolSculpting is a non-invasive option to contacting a plastic surgeon for a plastic surgery procedure like liposuction or tummy tuck.

Both men and women, young and mature, can avail themselves of this ultra-modern approach to fat removal. Instead of cosmetic surgery, the CoolSculpting procedure offers body contouring with no pain and no down time. Relax while our expert technicians place the CoolSculpting device on target areas, killing fat cells with controlled cooling. You may feel a tingling sensation similar to when your foot falls asleep. 

When the session targeting fat is complete, the technician will gently massage the treated area bringing blood flow back and allowing your body to begin metabolizing the dead fat cells, flushing them from your body forever. It is a completely convenient and natural process using your body’s own metabolic processes to get rid of fat in areas your tough workouts can’t reach.

Treatment plans are customized with CoolSculpting and CoolTone specifically for you and your body goals. Come in for a complimentary consultation and we’ll determine the best course of treatment to help you achieve your goals and join our list of happy clients.

Is CoolSculpting Orlando very expensive?

Liposuction is expensive and can cause serious side effects. The good news is that CoolSculpting is often significantly less expensive than plastic surgery.

Depending on the areas of the body you are targeting for fat removal, the cost can vary. If you are targeting under your chin or your upper arms, it will cost less than it would if you were using CoolSculpting for body contouring all over. Average prices range from $2000 to $4000 depending on your goals. These costs are the same as plastic surgery in some cases, but in most cases far less.

You need to consider yourself an investment. Are your health, fitness, and appearance worth that investment? We think it should be. You only have one body and you’re going to be in it for a lifetime.

We recommend coming in for a complimentary consultation where we can discuss questions and answers before booking your first treatment for CoolSculpting or CoolTone. We take all major credit cards and offer special financing and payment plans for those who qualify. Let’s start creating a treatment plan and a new you today!

Do the CoolSculpting Orlando treatments take a long time?

Unlike plastic surgery, which can take hours and require days or weeks of recovery time, the average CoolSculpting treatment takes between 35 and 60 minutes -- perfect for before work or your lunch break. You can choose to have multiple treatments in a single visit if you prefer. Because the treatments are painless, you can read, text, or watch videos on your phone while we CoolSculpt your body to perfection. 

You can return to your normal activities immediately following a treatment. There’s no recovery time needed.

To determine the number of treatments required to reach your body sculpting goals, you’ll need to contact us for a free consultation. Your CoolSculpting technician can answer these questions fully and honestly after discovering your goals and conducting a physical examination of your target areas. The number of sessions will be determined by how many areas you are targeting for fat removal. The treatment length also depends on the number of areas we are treating per session.  

During the consultation the technician may also discuss CoolTone, which is often stacked with CoolSculpting to boost muscle tone and strength.

Consider this an investment in yourself. How much time will you give yourself? Is 4 to 8 hours too much? Of course not! That’s the time investment in a standard CoolSculpting procedure treatment plan. If you loathe your outer thighs or double chin, wish your abs were more defined, or your bra sat properly without pinching back fat, then we think you deserve to spend this time on yourself. 

If you’ve tried diet and exercise and it just didn’t rid your body of those pesky pockets of fat you’ve worked so hard to get rid of, come see us for a complimentary consultation. The treated area will be permanently rid of fat after only a couple of weeks, with no side effects.

Can fat be removed from any part of my body with CoolSculpting?

The FDA has cleared CoolSculpting for fat removal in multiple areas of the body, including:

  • Under the chin
  • Upper thighs
  • Torso
  • Midriff
  • Upper arms
  • Upper back
  • Under the buttocks

It may eventually be cleared for use in other areas, as it has in Asian countries such as China and Taiwan.

Most people have stubborn fat in precisely the areas where the FDA has cleared the use of CoolSculpting. The vast majority of our clients request CoolSculpting treatments for abs, waistline, under the chin, outer thighs, buttocks, and the bra fat area. The amount of fat in these areas varies, but the target areas for fat reduction match the list above for the most part.

If you have experienced weight loss via diet and exercise and just need a method targeting fat in certain areas, body contouring is an easy and affordable option for you. There are no side effects in the treated areas. Our trained technicians will use controlled cooling to kill fat cells and your body will flush them out naturally over the course of two weeks or so.

Come in and we’ll create a treatment plan especially for you. We take the time to assess what parts of your body are giving you the most trouble with resistant fat and recommend a course of treatment that will give you the body you want.

Will CoolSculpting Orlando work on my double chin?

Absolutely. The double-chin area is one of the most requested areas for an FDA-cleared CoolSculpting treatment and is ideal for this procedure. The FDA has cleared it for use on both the submandibular and submental areas for fat removal. In fact it is one of the easiest areas for successful fat removal with CoolSculpting. You will see results in just one or two treatments with no down time, pain, redness, swelling, or telltale stitches as you would have with plastic surgery.

There are no weird chin straps to wear as you would after cosmetic surgery, nor will you be asked to do silly chin exercises. The fat will just be gone and so will the telltale signs of weight gain on your face.

Getting rid of a double chin is one of the most requested body contouring sessions. It’s a wonderful passive method of fat reduction. Diet and exercise can hardly get rid of your double chin but CoolSculpting can! It is a modern and very effective method targeting fat cells directly where they like to hide with no side effects.

Don’t believe us? Come in for a complimentary consultation and we’ll show you before and after photos of happy clients who had up to 3 chins and now have just the one. We’ll create a treatment plan that will have you looking like your old self in no time.

How is fat removed for good with CoolSculpting Orlando? What happens to it?

Excellent question! Most people are familiar with the cosmetic surgery procedure liposuction where fat reduction happens at the end of a knife. CoolSculpting is a gentler, easier, less invasive alternative to surgery. 

CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared procedure that uses controlled cooling to kill stubborn fat when it resists diet and exercise regimens. It’s one of many modern body sculpting methods that’s passive but very effective.

During CoolSculpting treatments, a trained technician uses the CoolSculpting device on target areas. The device shoots super cool air onto areas of fat, killing fat cells. The fat cells are essentially frozen to death in the extreme cooling process with our specialized device. Then over the next few weeks, the body eliminates them through its own natural metabolic processes. You’ll begin to see the treated areas get slimmer and slimmer as time goes on. Oh, and those fat cells? They’re gone forever.

Whether you’ve struggled with weight loss for a long time, or just recently gained weight, body contouring is your new best friend. CoolSculpting is a treatment targeting fat that you can have done during your lunch hour, returning to work with your colleagues none the wiser. We’ll trim those outer thighs, slim those abs, or remove that double chin in just a few sessions.  

Come in for a complimentary consultation and we’ll explain the process in more detail. Don't forget to ask about CoolTone.  It's a revolutionary muscle toning treatment.  We’ll tell you what to expect before, during and after. A treatment plan to meet your body goals is waiting for you here at bodenvy!

Are there any side effects associated with CoolSculpting?

After plastic surgery, many people experience side effects. That’s only natural considering it’s a surgical procedure. 

The good news is that CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared, non-invasive body contouring technique with few side effects. Some patients experience a feeling of slight tugging or pulling, faint pinching, intense cold causing stinging tingling, or mild cramping in the treatment area only. Intense cooling is applied to your target area and numbness sets in due to the cooling of the cells causing the aforementioned symptoms to subside. 

Post-procedure side effects may or may not include a swelling or temporary redness, faint bruising, tautness, tingling or stinging, slight soreness at the treatment site, or cramping, itching, or sensitivity of the skin. If your treatment area is beneath the chin, you might experience a feeling of fullness in your throat. All these mild effects will go away as the body readjusts in a couple of weeks or possibly only a few days. 

Other side effects may occur, but are very rare. You should, of course, consult with your physician for medical advice before any medical CoolSculpting treatments to make sure it is okay for you to do. If you follow a diet and exercise regimen, you are most likely in good shape and ready to proceed with our treatments.

Can I get on with my day or go back to work after CoolSculpting?

Of course! CoolSculpting is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure with no cutting, bleeding, stitches, post-treatment medications, or time off work. CoolSculpting clients generally return to work with their co-workers none the wiser. It’s a very easy and effective way to reduce fat.

Our popular CoolSculpting treatments have little to no side effects for most, allowing you to resume your daily schedule like nothing happened. Most people relax and text friends, binge watch a TV show on their phone, or read a book during the procedure. It’s a relaxing, passive way of targeting stubborn fat on an area of the body hard to reach with diet and exercise alone.

This modern method of body contouring is popular for many reasons, one of them being convenience. It doesn’t disrupt your life like cosmetic surgery does. Fat reduction is easy with CoolSculpting. Controlled cooling is directed onto target areas, killing the fat cells that won’t budge otherwise. Your body flushes them out naturally over the course of the next few weeks, leaving the area fat free permanently.

What happens post CoolSculpting Orlando treatment?

Great question. You may be expecting down time, missed days at work, discomfort or even pain. Or you may think you’ll have to adhere to a strict diet or exercise regimen.

The opposite is true. The CoolSculpting procedure is an FDA-cleared, non-invasive body contouring method that targets stubborn fat cells and removes them from the body permanently. There are little to no side effects to worry about. 

During treatment, you’ll lie back while our technician directs controlled cooling onto the areas being targeted for fat reduction. The device kills all the fat cells living there. After the treatment, your body metabolizes the fat and flushes it away. Within a couple of weeks, the fat will be gone for good.

We schedule a review to follow-up, assess your results, and answer any questions you might have about your treatment. This would also be the time to make out a general treatment plan to reach your body sculpting goals if you have not already done so with your technician. If you already follow a diet and exercise regimen you will be encouraged to continue and will have no problem doing so after your CoolSculpting experience.

I’ve had my CoolSculpting treatment, when will I look slimmer?

CoolSculpting treatments work quickly to eradicate fat in problem areas, but it does take a bit of time after your treatments to see results.

It’s possible to see or feel results as quickly as 21 days post-treatment. The most visible results, however, will be after 60 days. Your body will keep burning off dead fat cells for up to 6 months after treatment. You’ll be able to see your results getting better with time without the painful recovery period of liposuction. 

CoolSculpting uses controlled cooling on specific target areas of the body. The cooling kills fat cells, enabling your body to gradually flush them via its own natural metabolic processes. If you already follow a good diet and exercise plan, you may see results earlier than others.

CoolSculpting is safe, right?

Yes, indeed. The CoolSculpting procedure went through a rigorous review by the FDA and was FDA-cleared for the treatment of stubborn fat tissues in specific body areas including under chin, upper arms, torso, buttocks, outer thighs, and upper back as well as the waist area. Being cleared by the FDA is no small thing, as their standards are quite exacting and patient safety is their top priority.

Unlike plastic surgery, CoolSculpting treatments do not require using a knife for fat reduction. It is not a surgical procedure that can cause pain, time off work and in some cases side effects. Rather it is a modern body contouring method targeting fat using controlled cooling on target areas to reduce fat. It is non-invasive and completely safe. 

If you follow a diet and exercise routine and still have an area of the body with small pockets of fat, body sculpting with CoolSculpting is the ideal solution for you. The number of treatments will vary depending on how large that area is or if you choose treatment on several areas.

You lie back in a private room and our trained technician directs the device onto your problem area, applying super cooling to the fat cells, killing them. They are then metabolized naturally by your own body and flushed out in the next few weeks. The treated area becomes slimmer and permanently free of fat. Clients who have these treatments sometimes request CoolTone treatments on the area in addition to CoolSculpting. CoolTone tones and strengthens the muscles in the areas where the fat used to be.

A treatment plan is made specifically for you and your body goals during one of our private, complimentary consultations. We’ll show you before and after examples of our happy clients who swear by the CoolSculpting regimen. Come in and see just how we can make you love your body again!

Do I have to take weird vitamins or follow a tough diet & exercise regimen after CoolSculpting Orlando?

No, there are no vitamins or specific regiment required after CoolSculpting treatments. We get this question a lot because many of our clients have had negative experiences with the diet and weight loss industry.

You won’t need to change your life to shape your body with CoolSculpting, but we highly recommend a healthy life that includes good diet and exercise habits to anyone who wants to feel good about their body. Most people feel so new and improved after CoolSculpting that they are highly motivated to live healthy with no prompting from us at all!

The treatment plan begins with a set of sessions where our expert technician uses a special device on the target areas. Controlled cooling is applied, targeting fat in places your workout can’t budge. This stubborn fat is removed by freezing fat cells to death. Your body then flushes them out naturally over the next few weeks leaving a slimmer you. The treated area is now permanently free of fat!

Uh-Oh. I gained weight post CoolSculpting Orlando treatment. Now what?

This is one of the most common questions we get about the CoolSculpting Treatment Plan. You work so hard on your weight loss plan with diet and exercise, and now want to supplement your body contouring plan with our CoolSculpting or CoolTone procedure. You only have one concern: what if the weight comes back? 

If you have let your diet or fitness routine slide, your weight gain will happen evenly all over the body instead of just in the areas where you had fat deposit removed. The stubborn fat in that troublesome area of the body will be gone forever as it would if you had opted for plastic surgery. Fat removal has happened, but that doesn’t mean your body can’t create new fat cells if bad habits re-emerge. 

The best habits are sensible eating and regular exercise to maintain a healthy weight, so no new fat cells are formed. Maintaining your muscle mass by staying physically active will help. If you experience a fat relapse in an already treated area, come in for a complimentary consultation. We have options available at no additional charge to you.

We understand how devastating it can be to see fat return. It’s hard enough to lose weight in the first place. Consider us your partners in all your body sculpting goals. We’ll help you reach your ideal body shape and advise you on how to keep it.

Will my health insurance cover the CoolSculpting Orlando cost?

Body contouring is considered an elective cosmetic treatment not vital to health. Insurance companies do not generally cover aesthetic procedures like plastic surgery or liposuction unless it is solving a life-threatening condition, nor do they cover CoolSculpting treatments for the same reason. 

The cost of CoolSculpting may feel like a major expense. While CoolSculpting is often less expensive than plastic surgery, you may still wonder how you can afford it.

If your doctor has recommended that you lose weight, you will probably be required to begin your weight loss journey with diet and exercise before undergoing your FDA-cleared CoolSculpting procedures.

You should speak with a representative of your insurance provider and ask questions. If the answer is no to covering our treatments, then contact us for financing options and payment plans available to you.

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