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The 20,000 Ways CoolTone Perfects Your Body

The 20,000 Ways CoolTone Perfects Your Body

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There are many body contouring treatments out there to perfect your form  and give you the body you’ve always wanted without all the sweat. Of course, who wouldn’t want a shortcut? There are ways to melt fat while texting friends and there are ways to tone your muscles without hours on the treadmill.  

One of those muscle-toning methods is CoolTone that stimulates muscles  20,000 times in a single 30-minute session. Try to match that during your workout. We dare you. Even if you’re Simone Biles, you won’t succeed. 

CoolTone is the latest science-based technology that helps those who are already helping themselves on the muscle-toning front. If you are an active  person already working out regularly, this will save you hours in the gym and give you results you could never physically achieve on your own. 

The original CoolTone procedure used magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS) to increase muscle mass, build muscle. Each session strengthens, tones, and firms muscle tissue in the target area. After just four 30-minute  sessions, your muscles are sculpted like an Olympian without the buckets of sweat that go along with it. 

But as technology is wont to advance, so has CoolTone and its electromagnetic energy. The new and improved CoolTone treatment utilizes their proprietary Active Magnetic Pulse or AMP which provides 50 percent more magnetic intensity than previous CoolTone devices. It was developed in partnership with leading muscle science experts who studied elite athletes’ performances. 

AMP has many advantages that go beyond strengthening, firming, toning, and building muscle mass that helps your body reduce fat. 

Active Magnetic Pulse goes through 3 stages during each session: ● Warming of your muscles in preparation for stimulation.

  • 20,000 magnetic pulses deep into muscle tissue, stimulating muscle fibers you could never reach even during the most intense workout of your life. 
  • AMP activates 100% of the muscle fibers as opposed to the 25% you activate during your normal workouts. This results in muscle definition that will astound you. 
  • AMP provides active recovery at the same time it is strengthening and firming the treatment area. 

Side effects of such intense muscle toning treatments are what you would expect from the toughest workout of your life. You’ll probably have sore muscles, mild joint or tendon pain, or slight redness at the treatment site.  Nothing more than you would expect after a few hours at the gym. 

The results will be better than you expect and in only a couple of weeks, as opposed to several months. And the results last for months too, especially if you continue with your own workout regimen. 

So, are 20,000 ways enough reason for you to try CoolTone, or do you need one more? Well, here it is. bodenvy is the leading CoolTone provider in the greater Orlando area and they have a treatment plan to tone your body with this amazing muscle-firming procedure that’s fully customized for your body and your body sculpting goals. 

Contact bodenvy to hear more about CoolTone and Active Magnetic Pulse toning treatments, or schedule a personal body assessment session.

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