Do I have to take weird vitamins or follow a tough diet & exercise regimen after CoolSculpting Orlando?

In short, no. We aren’t going to sell you a bunch of “necessary” vitamins or insist upon a certain number of hours in the gym doing our set program. We get why you’re asking, though. There are so many strange programs on the internet that involve boxes of vitamins, powders, and the like and they “aren’t effective” unless you buy an extensive program. CoolSculpting treatments are just that -  relaxing fat reduction treatments that don’t involve anything weird.


You won’t need to change your life to shape your body with CoolSculpting, but we highly recommend a healthy life with wise diet and exercise habits to everyone, regardless if they are clients with us or not. Most people feel so new and improved after CoolSculpting that they are highly motivated to live healthy with no prompting from us at all!


The CoolSculpting procedure is a non-invasive, non-surgical fat removal method used on trouble areas of the body not responding to your diet and exercise regimen. It’s passive body sculpting and a safe and effective body contouring tool. Our FDA-cleared procedure can be used on outer thighs, abs, upper back, waistline, upper arms, or under the chin.


The treatment plan begins with a set of sessions where our expert technician uses a special device on the target areas. Controlled cooling is applied, targeting fat in places your workout can’t budge. This stubborn fat is removed by freezing fat cells to death. Your body then flushes them out naturally over the next few weeks leaving a slimmer you. The treated area is now permanently free of fat!


If you are looking for something that’s modern, the latest technology, and definitely not weird, call us for a complimentary consultation. We serve Orlando and all the surrounding areas including Winter Park. CoolSculpting is a very effective alternative to plastic surgery. Come in and we’ll tell you how we can help you reach your personal body goals quickly.  

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Do I have to take weird vitamins or follow a tough diet & exercise regimen after CoolSculpting Orlando?
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