How Much Does It Cost to Sculpt Your Body in Tulsa

How Much Does It Cost to Sculpt Your Body in Tulsa?

How Much Does It Cost to Sculpt Your Body in Tulsa?

At some point, we all take a good look in the mirror and evaluate our choices when it comes to our bodies. Even if we are active or work out regularly, other life factors play a role in how our bodies look, such as diet, alcohol consumption, and age. Many of us decide it’s time to try a modern solution to sculpting our best bodies. That solution is called body sculpting.

Body sculpting is a combination of safe, effective fat-loss treatments that destroy fat cells while you lie back and relax in a comfortable spa atmosphere. I don’t know about you, but I prefer this to huffing and puffing at the gym any day!

Body sculpting Tulsa is not only easier, but it’s not invasive like plastic surgery or liposuction procedures. Bodenvy Tulsa provides various proven fat-loss treatments that anyone can take advantage of at an affordable price compared to painful surgeries. Our prices are quoted upon request and available in minutes!

More Advantages to Body Sculpting Tulsa

It isn’t just fat loss you’ll be getting, either. Body sculpting is the art of shaping your body the way you want it to look with the help of FDA-cleared modern technologies. Even if you hate science, that’s something to cheer about!

With our stacked technology treatment regimen, the team at Bodenvy Tulsa can create an individualized plan to give you the body you’ve always wanted with no effort on your part. Can you say yeehaw?

The benefits of body sculpting include:

  •       Financial – with a stacked technology plan, you can achieve the body you want at much less expense than plastic surgery, liposuction, and body lift procedures.
  •       No Downtime – with body sculpting, there is no time off work or missed events due to mandatory bed rest. After each session is completed, you can just get dressed and go on with your day.
  •       Speed – session time ranges from between 35 to 60 minutes, making it possible to sculpt your body during your lunch hour without anyone the wiser.
  •       Your Best Body – not only does body sculpting remove unwanted fat from your body, but you also get toned muscles, tighter skin, and an overall younger body appearance. You’ll be digging in the back of your closet for your short shorts, we promise!

Body Sculpting Tulsa Technologies & Cost

Now that you’re excited at the prospect of a gloriously trim body with no sweaty workouts, let’s break down the price ranges. Each body is different as are the goals you will have.

Depending on how many areas of the body you want to sculpt and how many sessions we recommend to reach your goal, the price will of course vary.

Here are the average price ranges for our available technologies, with some good news at the end:

  1. CoolSculpting Elite – CoolSculpting utilizes a method called cryo lipolysis, or extreme cooling to freeze fat cells. During the session, super-cooled air is forced onto the areas of stubborn fat killing the fat cells. They are then flushed from the body over the following weeks via the body’s natural metabolic processes. It is painless, effective, and can be done during your lunch break.

Cost: Depending on your goals Coolsculpting can cost around $1,600 but BodEnvy Tulsa is currently running a limited-time 50% off promotion!

  1. CoolTone – This is a muscle toning treatment that in just 4-6 one-hour sessions gives you the toning results that would take you 6 months at the gym to achieve on your own. CoolTone utilizes electromagnetic muscle stimulation. Pulses are sent deep into your muscle fibers that cause them to involuntarily contract several thousand times per session.

Cost: For firmer abs and buttocks effortlessly you can click here for pricing.

  1. Zerona Fat Destruction Laser – This FDA-cleared safe and effective laser is uniquely crafted to painlessly target circumferential fat. You lie back on the comfortable spa bed while the light dances across your body in a fat-destroying ballet. The laser melts the fat cells, destroying them. They are then flushed out of the body via your lymphatic system.

It really does seem like a miracle when you begin to see a difference in your abdomen. Who knew lasers could help you get your best body?

Cost: This mind blowing treatment package comes in blocks of 6 treatments. 

  1. BodCussor Massage – This is the latest in massage technology that enhances the body sculpting effect of the other treatments, giving you optimal results. The device puts a powerful, massaging pulse deep into the muscle fibers, relaxing them and pushing all the dead fat cells toward your lymph nodes where they are more quickly flushed from the body. A side benefit of the BodCussor Massage is complete relaxation post-treatment.

Cost: $100 per hour is the national average cost of a lymphatic massage treatment. But BodEnvy Tulsa offers BodCussor Massage FREE with some treatment packages, showing dedication to helping you attain your best body ever!

Now the Good News

Bodenvy Tulsa body sculpting has active limited-time coupons for discounts on our treatments as well as financing and payment plan options to fit your budget. Let’s have another yee haw!

There’s no better time to begin your body sculpting journey at BodEnvy Tulsa.

Our Mission Is Your Best Body

From our licensed, expert body sculpting team to our relaxing atmosphere, we strive to bring you not just the body you’ve always dreamed of, but also an incredibly exciting journey along the way! We cheer for you and encourage your success. Our passion is to see you enjoy new body confidence for the future. With Bodenvy as your body sculpting partner, you’ll have renewed vitality and joy for life. When you see the results slowly begin to emerge, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to begin!

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Our friendly team is waiting to provide you with more details about our wide array of body sculpting services or to schedule your free initial consultation. In a private session, we’ll listen to your body goals and design a plan that fits your unique needs.

What are you waiting for? Call us today and begin the body contouring Tulsa journey to your best body!

CoolSculpting Elite is the number one nonsurgical fat-reduction treatment used by doctors. It's quick, easy, and painless. It requires no diet and no downtime.

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