How Long Do the Effects of Body Sculpting Tulsa Last

How Long Do the Effects of Body Sculpting Tulsa Last?

How Long Do the Effects of Body Sculpting Tulsa Last?

When you make the commitment to body sculpting, you’re investing in yourself. You know that when you feel good about your body you’ll have renewed confidence and enjoyment in life. Body Sculpting also nudges us into better diet and exercise habits because we want to keep our new look long-term. Bodenvy Tulsa Body sculpting results are what you’re looking for to be your best version!

What Is Body Sculpting? 

Body Sculpting refers to various body contouring treatments designed to remove stubborn pockets of fat, shape the body into a more pleasing aesthetic and usually includes weight loss Tulsa. Depending on which body sculpting sessions you receive and how many there are in your plan, the outcome can vary from person to person. 

Body Sculpting sessions target areas of the body that tend to hold onto more fat and are more resistant to diet and exercise. These areas commonly include the abs, buttocks, thighs, hips, waistline, upper arms, upper back, and under the chin. Most body sculpting techniques are requested in these precise areas. 

So what is the projected amount of time that you can expect to retain your body sculpting Tulsa results? Like many things in life, it depends on varying factors such as: 

  • Age 
  • Fat Propensity
  • Diet 
  • Activity level
  • Follow-up maintenance 

There are more details regarding these factors that we’ll explain below. 

Factors Affecting Body Sculpting Tulsa Results 

- Age - As we age, our skin doesn’t have as much elasticity as when we were young. This makes achieving smooth, taut skin post-body sculpting more difficult. CoolTone sessions help to counteract this. 

Additionally, the aging process causes fat deposits to shift into different body regions, making it trickier to target. However, modern body contouring Tulsa devices have been improved to deal with this issue. 

- Fat propensity – The way your body stores fat affects the results of body sculpting in a few ways. If your body stores fat easily you may notice that it’s harder to remove them through consistent diet and exercise. Combining body sculpting treatments in a stacked method where several treatments are layered for optimal results can fix this problem. 

- Diet – Diet can greatly affect the long-term effects of your body sculpting treatments. If you resume a diet high in fat and sugar, your body is more likely to expand the remaining fat cells. Maintaining a healthy diet that is low in fat and seldom includes sugary foods will help you maintain your results for a longer period of time and achieve an overall healthier lifestyle. To further optimize

results, add antioxidants and protein to your diet for better skin health and elasticity.

Have trouble with keeping a healthy diet? Bodenvy’s Extreme Transformation can take care of that. Nutrition coaching + stacked technologies + meal delivery is available to achieve greater results!

- Activity Level – Exercise, as much as diet, can affect the results of body sculpting. Just as exercise helps you burn fat, it can keep your body from expanding the size of fat cells as well as maintain your toned appearance. A high activity level also provides other benefits, such as helping your body expel the dead fat cells from your treatments more efficiently. 

- Follow-up Maintenance – CoolTone, CoolSculpting, and fat destruction laser treatments are non-invasive body sculpting treatments producing noticeable and long-lasting results. Clients opt to come in for their follow-up treatment maintenance to enhance their body sculpting results with our various technologies. Maintenance packages are available!

Our Proven Technologies Provide Real Results 

Unlike other body sculpting providers, BodEnvy Tulsa has spent years perfecting our unique layered treatment plan to give each client the real results they want. Our technologies include only the treatments with documented results that are FDA-cleared. 

Our technologies include: 

- CoolSculpting – This treatment has been called “non-invasive liposuction” by some, and it’s easy to see why. Using no surgeon and no knives, this fat-destroying technology kills excess fat cells with super-cooled air. It is painless and requires no downtime or post-treatment medication. In fact, you can have a treatment during your lunch hour and go right back to work. 

- CoolTone – Electromagnetic muscle stimulation has been around for decades, but modern improvements have made it a method that gives spectacular muscle-toning results fast. In under an hour, the CoolTone

treatment device contracts targeted muscles up to 20,000 times. 4 sessions of CoolTone equal six months of workouts at the gym. 

- Fat destruction laser – This is no ordinary laser! This laser is painless and very effective at destroying hard-to-reach fat cells. It was created to target circumferential fat that commonly sits on the abs. In most cases, results can be seen in the treated area after just one 30-minute session. This is modern fat reduction at its most sophisticated.

- BodCussor Massage – Included with some of our body sculpting treatments, this type of percussion massage helps your body rid itself of dead fat cells faster and keeps your body from holding onto excess fluids that can give a bloated or bumpy appearance. Its purpose is to stimulate lymphatic drainage, in other words, to remove waste and toxins from body tissues. By utilizing lymphatic massage in conjunction with our body sculpting treatments, BodEnvy helps you see maximum results quickly. 

The Best Tulsa Body Sculpting Results 

Our BodEnvy Tulsa team has learned how to correctly assess your body and create an individualized body contouring plan to help you achieve your goals. Our stacked technology plan is a proprietary method that optimizes your investment to give you the body you’ve always wanted. We use non-invasive, passive sessions to remove unwanted body fat permanently. 

Our licensed technicians are experts who have undergone extensive training with device creators to give you optimal results. We know you expect excellence, and that’s what we deliver! 

Are you ready for long-lasting Tulsa body sculpting results?
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