Does Sculpting Your Body in Tulsa Work

Does Sculpting Your Body in Tulsa Work?

Does Sculpting Your Body in Tulsa Work?

Let’s face it, we all have things about our bodies that we’d love to change or improve. We all have insecurities about our thighs or abs, and we all wish there was an easy fix. Up until now, the only sure way was through conscientious diets, lots of exercises, and discipline. But modern technology has brought us a phenomenon called body sculpting.

Body sculpting is a series of treatments that sculpt your body utilizing technology. They are painless and effortless. All of these methods have been FDA-cleared as safe and effective for weight loss and body shaping. It sounds too good to be true, right? But what if it is? And does it really produce amazing results?

To understand body sculpting Tulsa you need to understand the treatments used and exactly why they are effective. You could simply watch our video testimonials of happy clients who now rock their best bodies, but we’d like to explain the mechanics of why they work. Most importantly we want you to know why they not only work for others but why they will work for you too!

What Is Body Sculpting Tulsa?

BodEnvy body sculpting and weight loss Tulsa is a series of customized body contouring treatments that rid your body of fat cells very strategically. Our proprietary program uses stacked technology to optimize results so you get the most out of your sessions.

Body sculpting kills targeted fat cells in areas that don’t respond to strenuous diet and exercise, so you can shape your body as you’ve never been able to before. Our program also tones muscles, firms the skin in areas where fat cells have been removed and speeds up results via lymphatic massage.

Our Body Sculpting Technologies

Body sculpting is the perfect way to achieve an overall healthier and slimmer body figure. Body sculpting builds on your efforts and optimizes your body silhouette through non-invasive technologies. The result is the best body you’ve ever had.

Our individualized program includes the following technologies:

  •       CoolSculpting Elite – This technology has been around for years and has been greatly improved. The device has been redesigned to give even better results and more areas of the body can now be improved with this method.

 How does CoolSculpting Tulsa work? CoolSculpting uses super-cooled air to freeze fat cells to death. Once they’re dead, they don’t come back. Your body flushes out the dead fat cells over time, as you see your body become slimmer and slimmer.

CoolSculpting sessions take about 35 minutes and require no downtime. The method removed fat cells from your body permanently without plastic surgery, pain, or pharmaceuticals.

  •       Zerona Fat Destruction Laser – As much as we all enjoy a good SciFi flick, this is something that seems like science fiction, but it’s not! Laser technology is now safely used to remove circumferential fat from the waistline and abs. The laser targets hard-to-reach pockets of fat while you lie back and relax.

 The custom-designed laser dances across your body killing fat cells beneath the surface of the skin. It is painless and effortless on your part. Let’s hear it for science!

  •       CoolTone – if you’ve ever lamented having to go to the gym, your dream technology is here! This amazing muscle-toning treatment gives you the same results in 6 thirty-minute sessions that would take you six months of workouts to achieve. 

How does CoolTone work? Using a technology called EMS or electromagnetic muscle stimulation, CoolTone sends electromagnetic energy pulses deep into your muscle tissues. The muscles involuntarily retract in response. During your treatment, CoolTone stimulates muscle fibers in an equivalent of almost 25,000 sit-ups.

 CoolTone is used to firm up areas where fat cells have been removed via our other treatments. It not only firms muscles but also improves the tightness of the skin for a smoother overall appearance.

  •       BodCussor Massage Therapy – Where other spas stop, we begin! As a free additional service with some of our treatments, we include this modern method of lymphatic massage. Why is this important? Because lymphatic massage optimizes the results of all your body sculpting sessions.

 BodCussor is a device that when placed over your muscles gives a deep massage. By moving the device toward your lymph nodes it speeds up your body’s ability to remove dead fat cells and excess water weight, giving you faster results and a slimmer silhouette. As a bonus, it’s also incredibly relaxing!

Proven Results Without Surgery

At BodEnvy, we only make claims of results we have experienced ourselves or witnessed with our clients. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your best body and optimal healthy appearance.

If you’re not getting the results you want from diet and exercise, you’re the perfect candidate for body sculpting. Body sculpting Tulsa began with the mission of helping you achieve the body you’ve always wanted but could never attain on your own effort. Fat is a stubborn enemy, but we’ve got the right weapons to eliminate it without painful surgery, time off work, recovery periods, or post-surgery pain medications.

Are You Ready for Your Best Sculpted Body?

The team at BodEnvy Tulsa is waiting to provide you with more details about our array of customized body sculpting technologies or to schedule your free body assessment and consultation.

We meet with you to hear about your personal body goals. Then we create a step-by-step plan for you to get there with our team by your side the entire journey. We’ll be your best support and your biggest fans!

Reaching your body goals on your own can be frustrating and many give up along the way when they don’t see the results they’re working so hard for. We’re here to help you over the finish line and help you keep your best body yet.

What are you waiting for?

Your best body is waiting for you at BodEnvy Tulsa.  Contact our body sculpting Tulsa team today!

CoolSculpting Elite is the number one nonsurgical fat-reduction treatment used by doctors. It's quick, easy, and painless. It requires no diet and no downtime.

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