Body Sculpting Tulsa Technology, Treatments & Tips

Body Sculpting Tulsa Technology, Treatments & Tips

Let's talk Body Sculpting Tulsa!

Fascinating Facts About Body Sculpting

Did you know that our bodies house two forms of fat - visceral and subcutaneous? Visceral fat is the 'bad' fat that dwells beneath our muscles, ensconcing our vital organs. It's the type of fat that can lead to health complications and is only reducible through diet and exercise. Subcutaneous fat, on the other hand, is the pinchable fat that can be seen and felt. An interesting fact is that once you're through adolescence, your fat cell count stabilizes for the rest of your life. Whether you gain weight (and your fat cells enlarge) or lose weight (and they shrink), the total number of fat cells remains the same.

Weight Loss Tulsa and Body Sculpting Solutions

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The ascent of obesity in America correlates directly with our increased consumption of fast food, processed meals, and high sugar intake. The most significant lifestyle modification Americans can make to boost their health is shedding excess weight and visceral fat. Carrying extra weight can lead to numerous health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and more. Interestingly, just a 10% reduction in body weight can ease the workload on your vital organs, leading to better overall health. My personal preference is a combination of a modified ketogenic diet with periods of intermittent fasting. This diet includes healthy fats, proteins, and a minimal intake of carbohydrates, which puts my body into a state of ketosis, using fat as a fuel source. Intermittent fasting comes into play when I limit my eating window, thus reducing calorie intake and controlling insulin levels. Managing insulin is a crucial aspect of weight loss as insulin stimulates fat cell growth. Therefore, many novel weight loss medications focus on reducing your body's insulin levels. 

Innovative, Non-Invasive Body Sculpting Treatments

Several pharmaceutical giants are developing devices that can eliminate fat pockets and tighten skin. Here are a few options:


Owned by Abvie, one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, CoolSculpting is a device that kills a fraction of the fat cells in treated areas. The body naturally excretes these dead cells, and they are not replaced. CoolSculpting also has FDA clearance for skin tightening in the submental chin area.

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Radio Frequency Devices

These devices use heat to destroy fat cells. The Vanquish device, in particular, hovers over the treated area, reducing the risk of burns.

Emerald Fat Reduction Laser

Commonly used by bariatric surgeons, this device punctures fat cells, releasing triglycerides and mimicking the effects of weight loss in the treated area.

Muscle Toning Devices

These devices, like CoolTone, stimulate muscle contractions, strengthening and toning muscles. The CoolTone device delivers about 20,000 muscle contractions in a 25-minute treatment. It also potentially increases metabolism.

Emerging Weight Loss Medications

One promising medication on the horizon is Semiglutide, designed originally for diabetes patients, but it's showing potential for weight loss too. However, maintaining a healthy diet is key even when using these medications, as weight can potentially rebound if the medication is discontinued. Long-term use is suggested for sustained weight loss.

I hope these body sculpting Tulsa tips help you achieve your goals!

CoolSculpting Elite is the number one nonsurgical fat-reduction treatment used by doctors. It's quick, easy, and painless. It requires no diet and no downtime.

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