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Here’s Why TempSure Is the Painless Miracle for Your Aging Face

Here’s Why TempSure Is the Painless Miracle for Your Aging Face

mature woman with great skin

When you look in the mirror do you see smile lines, fine lines and wrinkles, and even loose skin that hangs like mini-jowls? We feel you. Sagging skin on the face is the second biggest complaint of aging people, right after crepey wrinkles. What once was a taut visage now hangs in shame and so does our mood when we turn our phones to selfie-mode.

There have been many studies done over the decades as to what actually causes our faces to droop. Scientists have since discovered that collagen and elastin production slows as we age, and collagen fibers are the building blocks of a youthful appearance.

Going forward with this knowledge, cosmetic laboratories launched a bevy of creams, serums, and deep-firming masks that made a small difference...on the surface of our skin. But to really get the skin tightening underneath the skin one has to go a different route.

Some choose surgery for a somewhat quick, albeit painful solution. They pay the exorbitant fees to a reputable doctor and have their faces pulled back behind their ears. After a few weeks of blood, pain, and scabs they see their new face. Too often it looks nothing like the old face, and not in a good way.

So millions of people went in search of something that was non-invasive and painless. Let’s be honest; we’d all like a painless facelift that doesn’t involve living like Greta Garbo for 2 months. Well, thank science. It’s here.

TempSure: The Painless Miracle Lift 

Billed as the most advanced, effective alternative to cosmetic surgery, TempSure is for everyone who looks in the mirror and suddenly needs a pint of ice cream to feel better. 

This new technology is non-invasive and results can be seen after only four 20-minute sessions by a licensed technician. It’s a laser treatment that utilizes RF or radiofrequency to tighten loose skin on the face. 

The laser gently raises your skin’s temperature for the recommended amount of time to trick the body into thinking it’s been injured. Your body sends in an army of collagen cells to rebuild the damaged area. So by using TempSure on sagging or wrinkled areas of your face, it is bringing an onslaught of fresh collagen fiber that plumps up and fills out the sunken areas.

In a nutshell, it nudges your body to provide its own facelift. How cool is that?

As skin-tightening procedures go, TempSure is the most advanced radiofrequency energy tool for facial tightening. It can be used on all skin types as the new gold standard in non-invasive facelift options.

What a TempSure Treatment Feels Like

At a qualified medspa, your technician will take down your personal information and ask what goals you have for facial tightening. You will show them the areas that bother you most. 

Then you lie back as the TempSure specialist moves the laser warming device over the target areas. The device will gently heat your skin which will feel warm, but not hot. When the session is over you will have a natural glow, as if you went for a run. 

Your skin may already have begun to tighten as collagen rushes to the treated areas. You will continue to see tightening as more and more collagen fibers reconstruct what time and gravity have destroyed.

Possible side effects: compliments on your youthful beauty from perfect strangers.

The optimal effect is achieved by having a minimum of 4 treatments lasting 20 minutes each. This series of treatments will last for years, protecting your face from future skin laxity. 

TempSure Treatments Near You

Long an innovator in the body sculpting arena, bodenvy now offers TempSure facial tightening sessions. These painless facelifts can be the difference in the daily confidence that you need.

The highly skilled, qualified team at bodenvy is ready to answer any questions you have about this new advanced technology in facelifts. Contact us today for a free consultation and tell us your beauty goals.

There’s no better time than right now to take back your youthful appearance and go forward with confidence and beauty.

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