What are the side effects of CoolSculpting, if any?

After plastic surgery many people experience side effects. That’s only natural considering it’s a surgical procedure. So naturally, people wonder how a method of fat reduction like CoolSculpting compares with regard to possible side effects. 


The good news is that CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared, non-invasive body contouring technique that does not involve surgery. It is painless and very effective on outer thighs, under the chin, on the abs, and on the upper back as a body sculpting option. Stubborn fat is removed from the body using controlled cooling, targeting fat cells in a specific area of the body.


During the CoolSculpting procedure, some people notice certain effects and others not so much. The possibilities are few, but do include a feeling of slight tugging or pulling, faint pinching, intense cold causing stinging tingling, or mild cramping in the treatment area only. Intense cooling is applied to your target area and numbness sets in due to the cooling of the cells causing the aforementioned symptoms to subside. 


Post-procedure side effects may or may not include a swelling or temporary redness, faint bruising, tautness, tingling - or stinging, slight soreness at the treatment site, or finally cramping, itching, or sensitivity of the skin. If your treatment area has been beneath the chin, you might experience a feeling of fullness in your throat. All these mild effects will go away as the body readjusts in a couple of weeks or possibly only a few days. 


Other side effects may occur, but are very rare. You should, of course, consult with your physician for medical advice before any medical CoolSculpting treatments to make sure it is okay for you to do. If you follow a diet and exercise regimen, you are most likely in good shape and ready to proceed with our treatments. 


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What are the side effects of CoolSculpting Orlando, if any?
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