How many CoolSculpting treatments will I need to get?

Although every FDA approved CoolSculpting procedure is effective at ridding your body of unwanted fat, you may need several sessions depending on the size of your target area and the amount of fat cells living there. The shape and size of your body is also a factor if you want more than one area treated as part of a full body sculpting fat removal goal. We review this during your private consultation and create a specific body shaping plan just for you so you know how many treatments will be needed to look exactly the way you want to.


You’re asking yourself now if you’re worth the time investment. Allow us to say indisputably YES! Here’s why. 


  1. The time involved is minimal. That’s right! You can have CoolSculpting treatments scheduled during your lunch hour or in the morning before starting major daily tasks, and go on with your day while the body contouring effect of CoolSculpting’s controlled cooling kills stubborn fat forever. 
  2. Generally, people who request a treatment plan targeting fat in one specific area need the minimal program offered. If you have already winnowed your body with diet and exercise this also holds true.
  3. CoolSculpting has the effects of plastic surgery without consulting a plastic surgeon. If you need a course of 4 treatments lying in our comfortable treatment rooms, it’s still going to be less time (and pain) than liposuction, especially if you consider all the downtime involved with that.
  4. After a couple of weeks you will see the full effect of CoolSculpting on the treated areas of the body. You will be overjoyed at the result! If you wish to invest more time on perfecting your body, we will then advise one of our supplemental treatments to sculpt your body further by firming skin and toning muscles.


The only way to be more specific about exactly how many treatments are recommended is to come in for a complimentary consultation. Seeing your body and knowing your body vision is key to a highly effective CoolSculpting program.

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