Can I get on with my day or go back to work after CoolSculpting?

Of course! CoolSculpting is not plastic surgery performed by a plastic surgeon which requires invasive incisions as in liposuction and trauma to the body, requiring down time. The FDA-cleared CoolsSulpting procedure, in contrast, is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure with no cutting, bleeding, stitches, post-treatment medications, or time off work. CoolSculpting clients generally return to work with their co-workers none the wiser. It’s a very easy and effective way to reduce fat.


Our popular CoolSculpting treatments have little to no side effects for most, allowing you to resume your daily schedule like nothing happened. Most people relax and text friends, binge watch a TV show on their phone, or read a book during the procedure. It’s a relaxing, passive way of targeting stubborn fat on an area of the body hard to reach with diet and exercise alone.


This modern method of body contouring is popular for many reasons, one of them being convenience. It doesn’t disrupt your life like cosmetic surgery does. Fat reduction is easy with CoolSculpting. Controlled cooling is directed onto target areas, killing the fat cells that won’t budge otherwise. Your body flushes them out naturally over the course of the next few weeks, leaving the area fat free permanently. Could there be an easier way of targeting fat? We don’t think so!


You can have a treatment plan for your outer thighs, under your chin, rid yourself of back fat, or reveal those abs you’ve been working on that are hidden under a beer gut. The number of treatments varies depending on the amount of fat residing in the treated area.


After CoolSculpting, you may want to look into CoolTone.  This muscle stimulation treatment plan was developed by CoolSculpting to further tone your body.


Body sculpting with CoolSculpting is making our clients very happy, confident people. Come in for your complimentary consultation and we’ll make you happy too!

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Can I get on with my day or go back to work after CoolSculpting Orlando?
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