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Using Heat & Ultra Sound Technology For Incredible Fat Loss & Cosmetic Body Contouring Results!

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Lose 1"- 3" Fast Without Dieting, Exercise or Supplements!

bodenvy's program is a FDA cleared non-invasive set of technologies that uses heat and ultra sound technologies for body sculpting. These non-surgical scientifically proven medical devices permanently reduce fat and tighten skin.
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 3 UltraShape and 3 VelaShape treatments, offer subject to change & cancellation.

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Keep Cool & Slim Down Orlando

Our UltraSlim program isn’t for people that are interested in losing weight. It's for those who wish to lose inches.  If you tried control or exercise programs and still have some unwanted fat, then our body sculpting services may be for you.  It’s not a rigorous diet or exercise program. It’s a combination of pain-free non-invasive treatments that permanently reduce fat.  Your results will always vary, but you can expect a 1-3 inch reduction. If you're within thirty pounds of your ideal body weight and you don’t want the hassle of a physical condition lifestyle diet, then call us today at 407-NEW-BODY.  We will sit down with you and give you an honest expectation of results. Keep in mind results may vary for individuals depending on the amount of your visceral fat and other factors. We are very confident you will love your new body that is not impacted by weight control or exercise.  If you don’t want to worry about diet and personal commitment and still look great, call us for a free consultation. Most people fulfill the health requirements for our body sculpting services, but it’s important we review your specific health issue information. We want to make sure you treat your specific health care issues prior to treatment.  Our services are not intended for weight loss results, but instead to permanently reduce fat, tighten skin, and tone underlying muscle. Contact us if you want to lose fat to get the body you want without starting any nutrition weight control program. Our system is fast, easy, painless, and doesn’t require you to consult your primary physician.
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Before & After Photos

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Body Shaping with Heat & Sound: Lose Body Fat Now

With millions of procedures performed around the world every day, body sculpting has probably become the most efficient, non-invasive technique for fat reduction. But you don’t have to travel the world to take advantage of it. UltraThin program is here and you can get it now! This groundbreaking fat reduction technology allows you to get rid of those extra layers from problem areas like upper thighs, waist circumference, arms or abdomen - the areas you work hardest in the gym with disappointing results. Strength training firms muscles and creates muscle mass but doesn’t help weight loss. The fat just sits on top of the muscles. You might even look like you gained weight which is sadly counter-productive. What you need and what you’re really after is fat loss and that’s what The UltraThin System is all about. Why sweat for hours in the gym in a futile attempt to lose fat when you can kick back during our painless treatment and plan all those killer Instagram posts you’ll make when we’re done?

Plastic Surgery with Zero Knives

bodnvy’s exclusive program uses heat and ultrasound technologies to melt inches off fast and leave your mind blown. Our system melts fat from your body that you thought would never leave. These methods are cutting-edge body sculpting and it’s right here waiting for you at bodenvy.


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UltraShape / VelaShape III

How it Works

Our FDA-cleared, non-invasive systems use heat and ultrasound technologies alternatively to permanently lose fat, tighten skin and improve the overall appearance of your body. You’ll also enjoy improved self-confidence and body image wellness at no extra charge. 


A technique uniquely designed to target areas of the body most commonly prone to cellulite deposits, such as arms, chin, hips and torso. Multiple technologies are used during the procedure: infrared, bi-polar radio frequency pulsed vacuum and massage rollers. Our technician applies lotion on the targeted area before all four components of the VelaShape system are utilized simultaneously. The heat and vacuum elements stimulate production of collagen and elastin, giving your skin more of the smoothness you remember from your youth. 


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VelaShape III Treatment



 This method targets specific areas for body sculpting with pulsing ultrasound waves. It’s completely non-invasive and perfect for busy people wanting to look their best, fast. The most commonly treated areas are the torso, hips, and thighs - the places fat just refuses to vacate through rigorous exercise. The treatment is totally painless (yes, really!) and gives immediate visual body shaping results with added skin tightening. Mechanical ultrasound is used to destroy stubborn subcutaneous fat deposits while protecting the tissue around them. As the fat is broken up, it is safely eliminated from the body through normal metabolic activity. 


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The Fat Killer Combo

While both techniques are amazingly effective on their own, our unique system combining both in tandem gives fast, mind-blowing results. Imagine looking in the mirror and not seeing those problem areas anymore - just a smooth, sculpted body. Imagine going to the beach rocking the confidence you enjoyed when you were younger. Imagine fitting into all your favorite clothes again…

Bonus Benefits

 Just as weight gain makes us less confident, losing weight makes us more confident. It’s a proven psychological fact that when you look and feel your best, you present well. You’re confident, more outgoing ,and smile more. This doesn’t just benefit you, but everyone around you. Looking great on your way to work, a date, or important event affects how you enter a room and interact with others. Our goal is to give you the results that bring confidence to your daily life.

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We’re here For You When This Happens

Got an important event on your calendar and need to lose inches fast? The Ultra Shape and Vela Shape III body sculpting treatments will take 1-3 inches off in record time.

 Did beach season sneak up on you this year? We can help you get bikini-ready.

 Getting married and want to be the ultimate you on the big day? We’re one call away.


We Know You’re Convinced, But here’s More

Here at bodenvy we know it’s sometimes hard to work things out. That’s why we offer our UltraSlim System with various payment options to suit your situation, as well as a 0% financing plan. Call us for a treatment consultation and once your appointment is booked, we’ll assist with the payment option that’s best for you.

Your Journey into Confidence Begins Here

Contact us today for a free private consultation and begin your body image upgrade. We’ll be happy to share more information on our exclusive techniques and how they can help you get the trim, sculpted body you’ve always wanted. We’ll break down in specific steps what will happen during the procedures so you’ll know exactly what to expect. And being always mindful of your well-being, we will review your health information to make sure we take the absolute best care of you and your body.  Keep in mind that results may vary for individuals depending on your body type. 

 Get the body you deserve without self control or exercise program - NOW!

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