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Is Coolsculpting Elite More Effective for Men or Women?

Is Coolsculpting Elite More Effective for Men or Women?

men and women can both get CoolSculpting Elite!

Men, women are jealous of one ability you have. When couples start diet and exercise regimes together, the man always seems to lose weight faster. There are a few reasons for this. 

Men tend to have more muscle mass which burns fat at a faster rate. And women are genetically programmed to hold onto their fat for survival purposes. But guess what? We still don’t think it’s fair.

But as dieting evolves into everyday healthy eating and the workouts become a habit, we begin to notice something about our male counterparts. They have pockets of stubborn fat just like we do. 

It might be a banana roll around your waist or fat bulges covering your abs. This makes us feel better. This seems fairer as we clutch the cellulite on our thighs that mocks us trying on our bikinis.

Couples who dedicate time and energy to fat reduction are stuck with the same reality crossing the finish line: some fat won’t budge. But there is help to be had for both men and women in this scenario.

Coolsculpting Technology or “Cryo Lipo”

This advanced fat freezing device utilizes intense cold that freezes and kills fat cells where they love to hide. The potential treatment areas include upper arms, upper back, abdomen, waistline, thighs, and buttocks. 

Some clients call cryolipolysis cryo-lipo, as it removed fat cells like liposuction but without the surgery, knives, blood, or pain. In fact, Coolsculpting is a non-invasive, painless procedure that can be done during your lunch hour.

Does Coolsculpting Work Better for Men?

To the Coolsculpting Elite device, a fat cell is a fat cell no matter where it lives. Men and women may have metabolism differences due to biology that’s out of their control, but when it comes to freezing fat cells until they die the sexes are equal. So though your male partner may have faster diet success than you will, he won’t have more success with fat reduction sessions.

Possible Post-Treatment Advantages for Men

Once the Coolsculpting Elite treatments are over and your bodies are eliminating dead fat cells through natural metabolic processes, you may see a slight advantage if you’re a man. 

Both of you will see a slimmer body in the mirror that becomes trimmer every week in the treated areas. But the man may see faster results because his metabolic processes are revved higher because of muscle mass. 

But don’t despair ladies; when the full effect is complete months after treatment you will both be looking your absolute best. You can stay in optimal shape by continuing a healthy lifestyle.

In Conclusion

Coolsculpting Elite works equally well for both men and women. The Coolsculpting treatment process attacks and kills fat cells with equal ferocity, no matter whose body they are living in.

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