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3 Amazing Secrets to Effortless Cellulite Reduction

3 Amazing Secrets to Effortless Cellulite Reduction

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Orange peel skin. It’s the stuff of nightmares. It’s the resident evil that prevents women from trying on bathing suits and short dresses. It’s the biggest factor for wanting to keep the lights off during romantic encounters. 

Basically, it robs a woman of a hard-fought, precious possession: her confidence.

And there is an endless parade of products available for women to throw money at trying to reduce the appearance of cellulite. There are cellulite creams, knobby tools to massage the skin, special diets, and even leggings with “cellulite-reducing fibers.” But once a woman has drained her bank account on these ways to reduce the appearance of cellulite, she is still left with her nemesis lurking beneath the skin, taunting her.

So she tries diet and exercise to get rid of cellulite but this particular kind of fat cell just burrows in, gritting its teeth. She may lose weight and even burn fat, but the pocked surface on the back of her thighs remains. It’s maddening.

What Is This Evil Called Cellulite?

Cellulite is fat cells that have essentially woven themselves into the fibrous bands of your dermis, pushing up against the top layer of skin making it look bumpy and uneven. They have become entrenched and have no intention of going anywhere. They must be destroyed where they live.

Cellulite takes on 3 forms: 

  • Soft - These fat cells are the droopy bumps that live on your inner thighs, upper arms, stomach, and buttocks. When you lose muscle tone they rear their ugly heads.
  • Hard - This is the orange-peel monster that makes your body look like a moon landing. The pocks are much deeper. They usually appear on the hips, upper thighs, and buttocks. 
  • Edematous - if you suffer from poor blood circulation and have a tendency to hold fluid, you’ll most likely be a victim of this character. People who sit at desks 40 hours a week are often plagued by this type of cellulite.

Cellulite is stubborn fat with an orange peel appearance and a thief of joy. It’s what makes us wear pants in 100-degree weather. And no matter how many cellulite treatments you try at home with this gadget or that cream, it doesn’t go away.

Until now, that is.

When all else fails throw science at the problem. Advanced innovations in technology have been developed that can not only treat cellulite but evict it forever. If you’re a woman who thought weight loss and losing fat was the key to ridding your body of cellulite only to be disappointed, this next bit is for you.

The 3 Innovative Cellulite Slayers

Ladies, your days of lamentation are over. Three new, revolutionary inventions have been FDA-cleared to pry those cellulite cells from your body painlessly and effortlessly.

That’s right. Each of these new technologies is proven to kill cellulite where it lives with zero collateral damage to other cells while you lie back and stream a movie on your phone.

These new treatments are:

Coolsculpting Elite

Emerald Green Laser

Vanquish ME

How Cellulite Meets Its End

These 3 superheroes of cellulite-busting exist and you’re here for it. Here’s how each of them can make your bikini dreams come true:

Coolsculpting Elite

This technology has been around for some years but has just gotten a light-year leap of improved effectiveness. The device can now be used on more problem areas of the body treating a much wider area in one session. This means twice the results in half the time.

Coolsculpting uses super-cooled air to freeze fat cells to death where they live. There is nowhere to run. And once the cells are dead they won’t come back. Your body flushes them out via its natural metabolic processes over the next couple of months while your problem areas become beautifully smooth again.

Emerald Green Laser

If you’ve ever watched a science fiction film featuring a giant laser eradicating things off the planet in a matter of seconds, then you might as well have watched the intro video for Green Laser. This amazing technology reduces circumferential fat by bursting fat cells. They explode, never to be seen again. 

This non-invasive laser shoots out low-level lasers that dance across your body gleefully killing your cellulite. You get to watch. Popcorn is optional.

Oh, and one last thing. It is common for clients to lose from ½ to 1 ½ inch of fat per session. Yeah.

Vanquish ME

When Marconi invented the radio I doubt he expected it to be conquering cellulite decades later. But here we are. This non-invasive device utilizes radiofrequency to boil fat cells dead like they were lobsters. And the women rejoiced.

The treatment areas for Vanquish ME are larger than other methods and it kills up to 58% of targeted fat cells per session. The surface of your skin stays comfortable while Vanquish goes forth, well, vanquishing. When the session is over, all the remaining fat cells can do is hope you don’t book another session. Which you will, of course.

It’s Time - Show Cellulite Who’s Boss Around Here

If you’re tired of avoiding the beach or wearing leggings in the godawful Florida heat because you hate how cellulite makes your body look, then we’ve got the weapons to turn this franchise around.

Contact bodenvy CoolSculpting Orlando and ask about our Shrink & Destroy Program to put cellulite in its place: anywhere but in your body.

Our experienced, certified team will meet with you to explain in more detail the science of killing cellulite. But we bet you won’t care how it happens. You just want it to happen. And it will. We guarantee it!

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