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No matter how you might feel about plastic surgery, it is still the most popular elective surgery in the U.S. Some of you may even be researching a surgeon in Orlando to have a procedure done. This article will provide general information on body contouring via cosmetic surgery, whether you are looking to have it done in central Florida or elsewhere.

Still Popular After All These Years

Plastic Surgery Orlando after treatmentIn Orlando, Florida and everywhere else in the U.S., breast augmentation remains the most requested cosmetic surgery. More than 17 million cosmetic procedures were performed here in recent years according to American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Liposuction came in 2nd, while rhinoplasty and tummy tucks came in 3rd and 4th respectively. As far as lesser-invasive procedures go, Botox injections and soft tissue fillers were the top choices, followed by facial rejuvenation with chemical peels. It seems skin care assisted by your local surgeon remains a popular life choice.

Demand for Plastic Surgery Orlando FL is on the  Rise. Why?

According to an article in Newsweek Magazine, a social condition has come to the forefront during the last several years. It’s known as “selfie dysmorphia” and involves certain people having completely distorted views of themselves thanks to perfection filter apps widely used when posting selfies to social media sites like Instagram. This condition gives people a very unrealistic bar of perfection they seek to have all the time and in real life, as opposed to just when the app is used. But this is only one reason for the surge in requested procedures. In general, getting plastic surgery enhancements has lost its stigma and is now widely accepted as normal for all economic classes.

What are the Plastic Surgery Orlando Prices?

Widely viewed the average cost of a plastic surgery procedure is from $3500 to $5000. Of course, these numbers can change depending on which geographical area you are in, which surgeon you choose, and how many procedures you are having done. Even if you are only electing one targeted area, you should be prepared to shell out several thousand dollars.


How to Select The Best Plastic Surgeon in Orlando

Word of mouth and proven results are only half the game, here. You should also check your state board for the surgeon’s record to make sure nothing is amiss. Check the BBB, Google, Yelp and every single source you can find. Have your GP ask about the surgeon if you like. In the end, your surgeon should have a clean record and come highly recommended by both patients and colleagues, not to mention your state board.  Make sure you choose the Best Plastic Surgeons Orlando Florida.

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What is the Plastic Surgery Orlando Prices?


What to Expect

From the moment you begin searching for and vetting a board certified plastic surgeon to the final result first visible sometimes several weeks later, you should be prepared for certain things: waiting for an available surgery date, time off work, pain, soreness, oozing from stitches, medications that don’t completely take away discomfort, and possibly some considerable downtime inside your home. Cosmetic surgery is still surgery and that means cutting through flesh to achieve a certain look. It won’t be simple, so you should not be at all flippant about it. Consider it thoughtfully before making a deposit with the surgeon of your choice.

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What They Might Not Tell You


Sometimes, the unexpected happens. You might have vetted your surgeon carefully but doctors are human, after all. If something needs correction afterward that means more downtime, even if there’s no added cost. Also, the result might not be what you were expecting. Your friend’s breast surgery turned out great but it doesn’t mean yours will look the same. Be aware that your body and your result will vary, no matter how skilled the surgeon is.


“Travel Tucks”


This brings us to the growing popularity of traveling overseas for cosmetic procedures. Be wary! Depending on the country, you choose you may regret it. Google is Plastic Surgery Orlando on the Beachfull of links to botched cosmetic procedure stories by people who travelled to another country because of lower cost. Just know there is less chance you can fully vet the surgeon or check their background when you do this and the risk falls squarely on your shoulders. Even if the glossy brochure shows what looks to be a competent surgeon on the cover and a sanitary clinic, that doesn’t mean that’s what you’ll find when you show up to go under the knife. And think about it, just because someone is wearing a name tag saying they are a plastic surgeon, doctor or otherwise, doesn’t mean it’s true if you can’t verify.


Beware of Shady Stuff or “New” Procedures


It takes many years of study and residency to become a great plastic surgeon. Beware of offers suddenly appearing that offer “butt enhancements” or breast and body procedures that are way below average in cost from your other research. A proper surgeon doesn’t put their talents on sale because they don’t have to. In fact, the better the surgeon the more likely the cost will be higher.


Prepare Wisely for a Safe, Satisfactory Result


Now that you are armed with a little more information ,conduct your Orlando plastic surgeon search wisely. You can start by asking your friend or relative to recommend the doctor that performed their Mommy Makeover, breast lift, or breast reduction. Then proceed by vetting these doctors on the criteria named in this article. When you’re done, research a few more. When you have a list you’re happy with you can begin with private consultations to see which surgeon makes you feel most at ease. By getting recommendations in the beginning, you’ll save a lot of time and effort during the vetting process and spend more time later with the result you are looking for. 


In the end, cosmetic surgery is surgery; it’s invasive and has lasting effects on your body. Take your time and choose wisely so the result enhances your life in a positive way.

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Plastic Surgery Orlando Remains Extremely Popular


If you take a look at plastic surgery, Orlando is like much of the U.S. in that it remains a wildly popular way to contour the body. Whether we’re talking about breast augmentation, breast reduction, or breast lift, this is the most popular area of the body to augment or beautify.


When a woman looks in the mirror, she sees herself a certain way and it’s usually less flattering than how others see her. We’re our own worst critic, so to speak. This is especially true when we’re talking about breast and body image in general. How a woman’s breasts are viewed not just by herself but also others is important to her. This would explain why procedures having to do with altering the breasts are still the number one requested surgery in the U.S. today.


Social Standards are Changing for Plastic Surgery in Orlando FL


Plastic Surgery Orlando

The next most vexing area of the body for a woman is her bottom half, whether it’s thighs, buttocks, or hips. Society puts almost impossible norms on how a woman should look with regards to this area. (Quite unfairly so, considering the woman’s body is made to hold onto fat for survival purposes.) But be that as it may, women do look at their bottom half critically and perform most of their workout time attempting to improve it. Perhaps trying to balance the look of a wide hip or generous bottom is the reason why breast augmentation remains so popular.


One nice development in recent years has been the easing of social standards with regard to “acceptable” body norms for women. A more luxe body is completely okay and even celebrated as is a thinner body with smaller breasts. Individuals are now being regarded by how well they present their bodies as opposed to how they have re-sculpted them.


But women, being who we are, just want to look our best and are still quite enamored with surgical procedures that help us get there. The good news is many new procedures with improved techniques have evolved in the industry giving more options and less discomfort. With most of us in the workforce, it’s also good news that these procedures involve less time off work and less downtime than say a decade ago. This makes it a viable option for many more women to take advantage of.


Mommy Makeover Orlando


One of the procedures receiving a lot of attention is the Mommy Makeover. This is a packaged set of surgeries that correct the effect giving birth has on the female body. It involves lifting the breast or augmenting where breastfeeding has left the bosom looking deflated, as well as correcting the stretched appearance of the tummy. 


No matter which procedure a woman chooses, or if she chooses no procedure at all, having cosmetic surgery has lost the stigma it once had and has gone mainstream. Those choosing to show off the battle scars of motherhood with pride are fully accepted as well. Both decisions are okay and that says a lot about our society.


But still; it’s nice to have options, isn’t it ladies?

Plastic Surgery Orlando Prices for Men


For men considering cosmetic surgery, Orlando is right up there with other cities with regard to the rise in plastic surgery’s popularity with men. More and more men are choosing this option to look younger and more rejuvenated and the popularity is only growing on all societal levels.


Why Are Men All In Now?


Even though men are generally looked at as more distinguished as they go gray and get crow’s feet, men also know that looking younger means a better chance at a promotion or great lateral career move. Hence the peaked interest in cosmetic procedures. Their interest also stems from wanting to snag a younger companion or look their best on dating websites.


What Are the Most Popular Procedures For Men?


Once they’ve researched and found a board certified plastic surgeon, men go for the following procedures most often: 


  1. Blepharoplasty or Facelift Eyelid Surgery - This is the number one requested procedure by men in the U.S. it involves removing droopy skin under the eyes and smoothing out crow’s feet around the eyes’ outer edge. The reason is to look as young as possible and with the eyes being the window to the soul, it makes sense to start there.
  2. Lower Rhytidectomy or Neck Lift or Chin Liposuction Orlando - This procedure removed sagging skin or turkey skin from the neck. It goes without saying that this would make a more youthful appearance and improve how a man looks in an unbuttoned shirt.
  3. Facial Fillers and Botox - Removing small wrinkles with Botox and using filler to smooth out deeper wrinkles is a high-maintenance procedure needing to be repeated often but is one of the most requested procedures by men, as it is with women.
  4. Rhinoplasty or Nose Job - This probably has less to do with looking youthful as it does with wanting to look your best. It could possibly be chosen to remove visible effects of alcohol as one ages as well.
  5. Mentoplasty or Chin Augmentation - Men have a bit of a complex about weak chins. It’s considered more masculine to have a strong chin and this is most likely the reason for this procedure.
  6. Liposuction Orlando - Getting rid of a beer gut is understandably high on the list of men wanting to turn back the clock. Fat removal from the abdomen and flank is quite a popular procedure.
  7. Hair Transplant Surgery - Despite the stigma of “hair plugs” and comedians' field day with this procedure, it remains one of the most requested. Bald may be beautiful but for some men it’s still a big no.
  8. Male Breast Reductions - Men can develop breasts too, especially if they’ve put on a few too many pounds and this procedure removes them, saving men embarrassment at the gym and in the bedroom.
  9. Pectoral Implants - Some men can’t develop pecs no matter how much weight they attempt to lift at the gym. This surgery is a cheat sheet to awesome pecs that women love to run their hands over.
  10. Otoplasty or Ear Surgery - Reshaping or repositioning of the ear due to age or injury. This one is popular for both beautification (women are less likely to nibble an unattractive earlobe) and for correcting old sports injuries.


There are no doubt men who also imbibe in body contouring, facial rejuvenation, and other enhancements with plastic surgery. So don’t be surprised if next time you consult with your surgeon, the waiting room is a bit more masculine.

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Plastic Surgery Orlando


The world remains fascinated with cosmetic surgery. Whether you live in New York, Tokyo, or Orlando, cosmetic surgery is booming and promises to become even bigger. New advances in procedures and techniques have already drawn millions more into board certified plastic surgeon’s offices that never would have considered it 10 years ago. The demographic is also becoming broader with the pendulum swinging from teens to the elderly.


This pattern will no doubt continue but what makes it virtually certain are the newest procedures flooding onto the market now. More and more options are becoming available and costs, at least on some procedures, are coming down. Add to this simpler techniques giving the same look only a knife could give 20 years ago and the outlook gets even rosier.


Injectables: This quick “lunch break” procedure will become easier, more accessible, and less costly in the future. With zero downtime and no recovery time to think about, more and more will choose this option as both a corrective and preventative cosmetic procedure.


Micro Procedures - This includes using fillers in non-traditional ways to correct in small areas of the nose or earlobe, for example. These tweak procedures will also be in the more affordable category and popular with both men and women.


Body Sculpting Orlando - non-invasive treatments in all forms that don’t involve plastic surgery at all are also expected to grow at a rapid pace. 


Preventative Treatments - Teens and young people under 30 are opting to begin small micro treatments regularly as time goes by rather than wait for the full-on face lift later in life.


Natural Look - A lot more people are opting for cosmetic surgery that enhances their own body or how it used to look as opposed to a magazine cover and a face that in no way resembles their own. It’s all about looking great IRL (in real life) so they resemble their Instagram photos. For example, breast implants that are shaped like a person’s own natural breasts are more often than not becoming the chosen option.


Non-Surgical Nose Jobs - This involves injecting filler into the areas of the nose to change its shape instead of using a knife. It’s less painful and more cost effective.


Thread-Lifts - Dissolvable threads are used under the skin to lift sagging areas of the face. It’s less invasive with less downtime but will need to be repeated every few years.


Post-Weight Loss Surgery - The removal of sagging skin after a major weight loss from bariatric surgery or simple self-discipline is becoming more common in the U.S. Understandably, after a huge weight loss no one wants to carry around a lot of excess skin. This procedure removes it, freeing up space in those new smaller jeans.


It’s incredible to think how far cosmetic surgery has come in the last 25 years. Even more fascinating is speculating on what is to come. With new procedures being developed globally every year, we won’t have to wait long to find out.


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