Will my health insurance cover the CoolSculpting Orlando cost?

Body contouring is considered an elective cosmetic treatment not vital to health. Insurance companies do not generally cover aesthetic procedures like plastic surgery or liposuction unless it is solving a life-threatening condition, nor do they cover CoolSculpting treatments for the same reason. 


The cost of CoolSculpting may feel like a major expense you need assistance with and we understand that. Remember, however, that body sculpting treatments are no more expensive that plastic surgery and in many cases costs a lot less. We know for a fact the inconvenience and pain will be less - in fact it’s non-existent with CoolSculpting!


Fat reduction for a dire physical health problem may be an exception, but this needs to be discussed with your primary physician and your insurer to get that established. At any rate, in the cases of obesity, you will be advised to first begin your weight loss journey with a sensible diet and exercise program, targeting fat the old fashioned way, before beginning your FDA cleared CoolSculpting procedures.


Once you begin the customized treatment plan we design for you, you will see fat removal happen in a relatively short time. In each session, we apply controlled cooling to target areas of stubborn fat, freezing the cells to death. The treated area is then massaged so your body can begin metabolizing the dead fat cells naturally and expelling them from the body. In a few weeks the CoolSculpting results will reveal themselves and you will be amazed!


Speak with a representative of your insurance provider and ask questions. If the answer is no to covering our treatments, then contact us for financing options and payment plans available to you. Our complimentary CoolSculpting and CoolTone consultation is waiting for you and we are ready to give you the desired results others can’t.
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Will my health insurance cover the CoolSculpting Orlando cost?
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