How Safe Is CoolSculpting?

Most people look in the mirror every morning and are frustrated with at least one part of their body where fat just won’t budge no matter how many grapefruits they eat or squats they do. We understand. You work very hard toward your body goals using diet and exercise, with a specific body sculpting image in mind. Then you hear about the CoolSculpting procedure and it sounds like just the body contouring method you need to exit stubborn fat from target areas of the body. You want to try CoolSculpting but really need to know it’s safe.

Well, worry no more. CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared fat removal procedure performed by a licensed technician in private, safe surroundings. There is no cutting, bleeding, medications, or weird post-treatment diet to follow. There is no down time or loss of income for taking off work, either. CoolSculpting uses controlled cooling on the treated area to kill fat cells hiding in places you don’t want them to be. After the very relaxing and painless session, a warming massage gets your blood flowing again so your body can begin metabolizing the deceased fat cells to be flushed from your body. You are then ready to go about your day without having to worry about special diets, vitamins, or snack bars. CoolSculpting is an easy, relaxing, and very targeted treatment that will get you in the shape you want to be. It can be supplemented by one of our other cutting-edge treatments in a layered program to give added strengthening and toning of the muscles in the treated areas.

As of the year 2018, over 7 million safe and effective fat reduction CoolSculpting treatments globally with no sign of a slowdown. It is a very effective and safe way to rid your body of unwanted fat cells without using plastic surgery. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation for targeting fat on outer thighs, abdomen, or your target area is and we’ll create a treatment plan just for you.

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