Does CoolSculpting Work? We Guarantee it Does!

We have one main goal.  That is to make sure people love their new body.  We do this by setting proper expectations and meeting them. During the consultation we use pictures to document the starting point.  We then give you an honest estimation of your potential results. After the procedure(s) we take (at your request) additional measurements and compare the two for your review.

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Our Sculpting Promise

We guarantee that you will see visible fat reduction in the areas treated with CoolSculpting our CoolSonic program. If after 120 days from your final treatment we are not seeing a visible reduction of fat in the area(s) treated and you are within 3 pounds of your original weight, then we will happily re-treat you with one (1) cycle of CoolSculpting or UltraShape based on the treatment plan Bodenvy believes will provide the best results for you!    This means that if you get your flanks (love handles) treated with one treatment (a total of two applicators) we guarantee you will receive a visible reduction in fat for the treated flanks or we will provide a maximum of one (1) additional treatment of CoolSculpting (or UltraShape) for each flank at no additional CoolSculpting Orlando cost.  Any complimentary or substantially discounted applicators/treatments from referrals or other offers do not qualify for the guarantee.  The patients weight after treatment(s) must be within three pounds of their weight during the pre-treatment consultation for guarantee.  

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