Can fat be removed from any part of my body with CoolSculpting?

Inside the U.S., the FDA-cleared areas for treatment with CoolSculpting sessions are the facial space of the head and neck (or “under chin” area), upper thighs, torso, mid-drift, upper arms, upper back, and under the buttocks. In other countries in Asia such as China and Taiwan, CoolSculpting has been approved for pretty much anywhere on the body.


But let’s be real. Most people have stubborn fat in precisely the areas where the FDA has cleared the use of CoolSculpting. The vast majority of our clients request CoolSculpting treatments for abs, waistline, under the chin, outer thighs, buttocks, and the bra fat area. The amount of fat in these areas varies, but the target areas for fat reduction match the list above for the most part.


Cosmetic procedures alone can’t remove fat cells from these areas. Until now a surgical procedure like liposuction was the only option. Not anymore! Body sculpting with CoolSculpting has replaced the knife and cosmetic surgery as the go to method for ridding the body of fat cells.


If you have experienced weight loss via diet and exercise and just need a method targeting fat in certain areas, body contouring is a real and easy option for you. There are no side effects in the treated areas. Our trained technicians will use controlled cooling to kill fat cells and your body will flush them out naturally over the course of the following couple of weeks, revealing a slimmer you. Oh, and those fat cells? They’re gone permanently.


Come in and we’ll create a treatment plan especially for you. We take the time to assess what parts of your body are giving you the most trouble with resistant fat and tell you how we can finally do something about it. The treatment areas will be fat free and you’ll love your body again!
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Can fat be removed from any part of my body with CoolSculpting Orlando?
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