Can both men and women be CoolSculpted?

Of course! Fat cells do not discriminate; they annoy both sexes equally just as CoolSculpting kills fat cells no matter if they live in a man or woman’s body. Previously, plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery were mostly employed by women. But in later years, more and more men gave it a try. The same can be said about body sculpting with the CoolSculpting procedure. Both sexes have benefited from this cutting-edge, passive fat removal procedure.


Everyone has body issues, both male and female. Women may want more attention paid to outer thighs or upper back fat known as bra fat. Men are mostly concerned with having nice abs or removing a double chin. Both sexes struggle with stubborn fat that just won’t go away no matter what diet and exercise regimen they follow or how hard they work out. Fat removal makes everyone feel better about themselves. It makes clothes fit better and gives you more confidence. Who wouldn’t welcome that?


The FDA-cleared CoolSculpting treatments work for all by using controlled cooling for fat reduction on target areas. It’s a safe and effective method for targeting fat in hard to reach places like outer thighs, beer bellies, upper arm jiggle, double chins - basically any area of the body where workouts have little effect. The treated area undergoes a body contouring 2 to 3 weeks after treatment as the body metabolizes the dead fat cells, flushing them from the body naturally.


So no matter your sex, we can help you get the body you want. We assess your problem areas and recommend the type and number of treatments to reach your individual body goals. Come in for a complimentary consultation and we’ll create a treatment plan specifically for you. Men and women are also candidates for CoolTone.  

Can both men and women be Coolsculpted in Orlando?
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