The Men's Den Only At bodenvy CoolSculpting Orlando

bodenvy CoolSculpting Orlando realizes that men want to look and feel good too!  Times have changed and men now want to get rid of stubborn fat. We have noticed that the percentage of men seeking CoolSculpting procedures has increased in our central Florida location.  

We now have the men’s den. It’s a room dedicated to manly things like sports, cars, and of course CoolSculpting!  There is nothing ladylike about it. It has a HUGE TV, personalized music system, and men's magazines.

Many men are seeing that even with diet and exercise they still have unwanted fat.  They are looking more than ever for fat reduction options. Men usually have specific areas they are looking to reduce fat.  Such as the abdomen and flanks (love handles). Our cooling technology works wonders on these areas of excess fat. Another treatment area that is gaining demand is the chin. Recently CoolSculpting received FDA approval for targeting fat in the chin area.  Our procedure is non-invasive, unlike a plastic surgery procedure. Most patients return to work the same day. CoolSculpting usually requires a number of treatments for the target areas. We recommend two for optimal results. It takes time after the treatment to notice fat cells leaving the body.  Optimal results usually occur in four months for the treated areas. Call our office today for a complimentary consultation today.


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